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         Aging in Place   for  Seniors

    For Baby-Boomers, Seniors and the Physically Challenged.

"We make your home user friendly so you can stay there as long as you wish"


Darvas Interiors

Diane Darvas - Principle designer

On the North Shore since 1975


                      PROBLEMS                                                                         SOLUTIONS


*  Opening

* Opening doors, cabinets, faucets                                          Easy to control handles with levers.

* Vanities, counters too high ,too low                                                    Readjust or remake to your needs.

* Toilets too low                                                                                        Secure grab bars railings where needed.

* Difficulty standing in shower                                                                Install seat, moveable shower head.

* Would like more  new  features in shower                                          Shower can be converted to steam, more pulsing jets, music.

* Cold floors                                                                                                Floors and towel bars headed.

Adjustments that make your life easier over the long term can be well worth it and many are quite reasonable.

The advice I give to everyone starting  a design project is to plan ahead carefully.  Know what you need (as opposed to

what  is on your wish list), how much you can afford to spend, and how much time you need to complete it.  You need a

realistic time frame and budget.

We help you to "pull your rooms together" in a practical, comfortable, stylish yet reasonable way.