Aging in place means making your home more user friendly so that as you get older the things you use daily can be replaced with appliances more easy for you to use.

 There are many other accommodations that can be made based on your needs and your home. Diane can spend an hour or so with you and help you determine what you need, and  if  you  wish   we    will send you an estimated cost proposal.

 Please email us on the contact form and we will get in touch with you. We will send you our FREE Home Maintenance Chart  so that you can keep all your furnishings looking great.

 These   photos  below  are projects that we completed for a couple of physically challenged clients.

Aging In Place for Seniors

Custom vanity for shaving sitting down

Glass/blue metal Kitchen table Wheelchair accessible



For further information please send all inquiries via our contact page.

   PROBLEM                    SOLUTION

        * Opening doors, cabinets, faucets .                        Easy to control handles.                                     

        * Vanities, counters too high, to low .                      Readjust or remake them.


         * Toilet too low.                                                                       Newmodels are higher, lower water usage, hygiene features.


         * Unsafe feeling in shower, tub, stairs.                                Secure grab bars, railings, lifts where needed.

         * Difficulty standing in shower.                                             Install seat, moveable shower head, more jets.

         * Would  enjoy team, music in shower.                               Shower often can be converted to steam, music  in  shower

         * Hate cold floors.                                                                   Floors and towel bars can be heated. 

         * Hard to see in some areas.                                                 Lighting  can be added esp. kitchen, baths

                                                 * Accommodations  can be made for wheelchair   access!