Some of the most frequently asked questions of Diane Darvas...

Q. What color should I paint  the ceiling? Should it match the walls?

A.  I recommend painting the ceiling the same color as the walls unless you need to raise or lower

     the 'look' of the room.  A light color raises it.  Dark colors lower it. For a special effect, try papering

     the ceiling-especially bathrooms (if there isn't too much moisture with every day use).

Q. Can I paint or paper one wall and not the other?

A.   Papering one wall only tends to make the others look unfinished.  It does, however give you an accent

      wall which  always  should be used as the prominent location such as behind the bed.

Q.  Do the living room and dining room have to 'match'?

A.  There needs to be some continuity but carrying through a color, pattern or style may be enough.  You can

     even reverse the proportion of color- red dominating in one room and blue in another. This could be done                with an accent piece, in a fabric, wall color, etc. Creativity is the key!

Q. What are the most frequent mistakes people make when decorating?

A. They do not plan. You need to have a road map to get to where you want to end up-the style, comfort level,      fabric textures and the budget for each project.

Q. If I'm going to invest a lot of money in furniture, what should I know about the furniture before I buy it?

A. Either you do all the research or rely on your designer's experience.